SWFAddress and AS3Signals

I recently started working with RobotLegs and AS3Signals on a project just to get some experience with these new frameworks.  I wanted to add deep linking support, so I reached for my trusty friend SWFAddress.  I felt bad about adding Event listeners in my nice clean RobotLegs + SignalCommandMap + AS3Signals project, so I modified the class that came with the examples to use AS3Signals instead of normal Events.

Here’s the key parts of the new SWFAddress class:

  • Removed the EventDispatcher references since we’re using AS3Signals.
  • Removed Static methods and properties since we’re going to be using RL’s singleton injector.
  • Added 4 new Signals to replace the events (init, change, externalChange, internalChange).
  • Replaced “hasEventListener” with numListeners > 0

You can download the new class here: SWFAddress

I created a demo application and blog post using AS3Signals, SWFAddress, and RobotLegs.

Check it out here:  /blog/2010/03/27/swfaddress-as3signals-robotlegs-demo


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