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SWFAddress + AS3Signals + RobotLegs Demo

 - by admin

As a follow up to my previous post on an SWFAddress helper class that uses AS3Signals instead of events, I created a demo application that combines SWFAddress, AS3Signals, and RobotLegs.  I used this structure on an app I currently built successfully and would use it again.  Comments and suggestions are encouraged.

The key pieces to this application are: SWFAddress helper class that uses AS3Signals, the application model, the view state model, a command to pass the application model parameters to SWFAddress, and a command to process SWFAddress changes and update the application model.

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SWFAddress + AS3Signals + RobotLegs

 - by Alexandru Petrescu

I recently started working with RobotLegs and AS3Signals on a project just to get some experience with these new frameworks. I wanted to add deep linking support, so I reached for my trusty friend SWFAddress. I felt bad about adding Event listeners in my nice clean RobotLegs + SignalCommandMap + AS3Signals project, so I modified the class that came with the examples to use AS3Signals instead of normal Events.

I thought this might be useful to others starting out using AS3Signals and RobotLegs.

Check out the code and examples here: